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Let's be our own 王 king !

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

wáng” means king in Chinese. This simple character was created in ancient times. Three horizontal strokes and one vertical line connected among them, becomes “wáng” the king. Actually these simple strokes are hiding the essential meanings: the 3 horizontal lines, from the top to the bottom, represent successively heaven, earth, and human, and the one who knows the path towards all three is the king.

wáng” king, has always been existing in the ancient Chinese society. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770–476 BC) and the Warring States Period(475–221 BC), the emperor was called “ wáng” the king, and the entrusted princes were also called “wáng” kings. From the beginning of Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), 秦始皇qín shǐ huáng, the monarch was called huáng, the emperor instead of “wáng” the king. Since then, “wáng” king, has become a kind of knighthood, a symbol of status. By the way, the queen Elizabeth is called 女王wáng in Chinese but not 女皇Nǚ huáng .

In modern Chinese, "wáng" is more extended to the meaning of “leader, leadership”. A manager of 王者风范wángzhě fēngfàn, king style, is a perfect leader, a decision maker. 王者荣耀 wángzhě róngyào, king glory, a famous Chinese video game, allows its players to have supreme power. 大王dà wáng, great king,is also used to describe an expert:皮大王 pí dà wáng,a naughty kid king; 牛皮大王 niú pí dà wáng,a liar king; 投资大王tóu zī dà wáng,a Buffett-kind of investment king.

In Singapore, “wáng” could be seen everywhere during the durian seasons, since 猫山王māo shān wáng, the Cat Mountain King, is considered as the king of fruits. This king is probably the sweetest one.

After all, “wáng”'s spirit is eternal: tracing our path on the earth, finding our dream to heaven; preserving our heart for humanity. Let’s be our own “wáng” !

Lao Long and Xiao Ling explain some more details about “wáng” in the video hereunder.

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