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Ten 十 is perfect !

Ten shí, in Chinese character consists of a horizontal stroke and a vertical stroke. Graphically, the character is perfectly symmetrical and balanced.

Ten shí in Chinese culture represents the pinnacle and the perfection. The idiom, 十全十美 (shí quán shí měi, ten full ten perfect) is used to describe an object, a person, a place or a situation without any flaw. 十拿十稳 (shí ná shí wěn, ten hold ten stable), meanwhile, shows total control of any situation.

Ten shí is also a supreme quantity compare to one yī: 一本十利 (yī běn shí lì, cost: 1 benefit: 10) would be the perfect slogan to promote investments. 以一击十 (yǐ yī jī shí, one against 10), here Ten shí is only the quantity without the quality which belongs to yī, a very small number but a great efficiency.

Ten shí associated with nián year , 十年 shí nián ten years, is obviously very long. 十年寒窗(shí nián hán chuāng, ten years of study next to a cold window) or 十年磨剑(shí nián mò jiàn, ten years to forge a sword), both idioms are here to remind us that success takes long-lasting effort .

十字 shí zì, the character 10 in Chinese, is shaped like a cross.十字街头(shí zì jiē tóu), and 十字路口 (shí zì lù kǒu), the 2 expressions describe the crossing of the 2 roads, where you have to find your direction, where you often need to make your choice.

Lao Long is explaining some more details about Ten shí in the video hereunder.

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