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中 zhōng, is the right way !

The origin of the term 中国 zhōng guó, middle-kingdom, can be traced back to the Shāng Dynasty (1600 BC-1046 BC). Since the kingdoms of the 商 Shang Dynasty were located among the princes of the 东 dōng east, 南 nán south, 西 xī west, and 北 běi north, people called this land 中国 zhōng guó, that is, the kingdom that located in the middle, and it was also the political and economic center at that time.

In ancient times, 中国 zhōng guó, did not appear as an official country name, the dynasty or regime at that time uses Táng (618-907), Sòng (960-1279), Míng (1368-1683), or Qīng (1616-1912) to name the territory according to different period. What they call 中国 zhōng guó, refers to the concept of geographical region and culture.

The real use of 中国 zhōng guó, as the official abbreviation of the country name China, began with the famous revolution in modern times. 中华民国 zhōnghuá mínguó, the Republic of China,was established after the Revolution of 1911. From then on, 中国 zhōng guó,China has become an official name with national significance. Today, 中国 zhōng guó is a country made up of the people of various ethnic groups, and its full name is the 中华人民共和国 zhōnghuá rénmín gònghéguó,People's Republic of China.

中 zhōng, middle, is used in different Chinese expressions. 中间 zhōng jiān,middle-place, indicates the location without any doubt. 中心 zhōng xīn,middle-heart, means the center. 中介 zhōng jiè,middle-introduce, serves as the middle man. 中立 zhōng lì, middle-stand, shows the neutral attitude.

中庸 zhōngyōng, middle-ordinary, refers to the moral standard of Confucianism, which is followed and respected by Confucian scholars of the past generations. 中庸 zhōngyōng educates us to treat people and things with a righteousness and peace, in accordance with the time, materials, circumstances, and the nature. The Confucian theory is rooted in human nature. Since 天 tiān, the sky is above and 地 dì,the earth is under, then 人 rén, the human should take 中道 zhōng dào, the middle path. 中 zhōng, is the right way ! And you, which way do you prefer?

Xiao Ling and Lao Long explain some details in the video hereunder.

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