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Ling Long is featured by Singapore Mediacorp Channel 8 (the most watched leading Chinese channel in Singapore) on 12 May 2016 

"The method developed by Ling Long helped me to update myself in regards with reading / writing for the HSK1. It facilitated my studies, supported by playful and extremely well structured videos. I understand very well the amount of work (conceptual, structural and logistic / computer) that Ling Long must provide before being able to put a lesson online.They succeeded in creating their alternative method while evolving however, the combination of individual lessons and learning through these videos reveals great creativity and the desire to explore alternative methods is ideal." ---- Katia Barthélémy, Communication Facilitator & international Mobility Consultant, HSK3 certificate holder (

One of the best platforms to improve in Chinese and get the HSK certificate. The training being in blended learning, it allows both to work independently at home and to practice its pronunciation during face to face courses. The various tools available such as exercises or oral comprehension allow a rapid and lasting progression. I highly recommend! ” ---- Stanislas Cadjenovic-Eygun, Global BBA student of ESSEC Business School

我收到一个7!I got a 7!" Thank you for all your help in improving from taking me on over the last few years. I never thought I'd get a 7 in IB Chinese B Standard When I started, and I have only Ling Long to thank for bringing to that level! 谢谢 Xièxiè! " ---- Siddharth Sridhar, International Baccalaureate IB 2022 diploma holder

"Congratulations to Aurélie and Ge for the excellent training they provide to our children. Ling Long teaching method perfectly suits our children aged 11 and 12. It effectively complements school education by providing the most important thing : the ability to communicate to our children the desire to learn Chinese. "---- Julie Nicollin, mother of HSK1 & HSK2 & HSK3 certificates holders

"Great satisfaction to keep up with Chinese with Linglongchinois; after having lived in China and followed courses on the spot where I had obtained the HSK 2 (but in pinyin only), I got back to the fundamentals thanks to the method developed by Aurélie and Ge on Internet. The explanations provided by the video and written materials are extremely educational and allowed me to "catch up" with my knowledge of characters. At the same time, I attended Zhang Changqing's weekly classes at the HSK3 level. Whether Ge or Zhang, they encourage you and provide explanations to decode grammar rules. So in 9 months, I graduated HSK 3 and I am very happy. I can now read texts and I really appreciate the calligraphy. This encourages me to continue my progression in this language. The group classes takes place in a very pleasant atmosphere and allow to "motivate" to progress. I warmly recommend this school." ---- Marie-Christine Pajot, HSK3 certificate holder

"The courses taught by Aurélie and Ge allowed me to reach the goal I set : reaching the HSK1 in 6 months. The 2 teachers were complementary in learning Mandarin: Listening, pronunciation, writing and oral listening.The course materials are perfectly suited to a smooth and continuous learning. In parallel, the website, regularly updated, allowed me to work on my listening and pronunciation skills at home. A big thank you to Ge who accompanied me during these 6 months and continuously to perfected my oral." ---- Fabien Levasseur, Financial and internal controller, holder of HSK1 & HSK2 certificates

"Nihao! I strongly recommend LING LONG to start learning Mandarin! Fully satisfied with private lessons that allow you to move quickly and efficiently with very competent teachers, you can also revise your lessons thanks to the very well-made and clear online courses. Guaranteed success for HSK official exams, so do not hesitate, it's a real pleasure to understand the language of the country that welcomes us and to start a discussion in Mandarin! " ---- Caroline Quetin, HSK1 & HSK2 & HSK3 certificates holder

"After having carefully followed your two online courses (HSK 1 and HSK 2), I decided to validate my training by passing the two corresponding HSK exams. I have just received the results which are positive for both examinations. I therefore wanted to thank you for your work, the content you produced (very educational and really pleasant to follow) as well as the answers to my various questions below the various video lessons. I  thought it might be interesting for you to get feedback from people who take your online courses! :-) Keep it up, I'm looking forward to learning with the HSK 3 module." ---- Federico Dubois, HSK1 & HSK2 certificates holder

"LingLongChinois or how to learn Mandarin in a friendly atmosphere and with a dynamic method. First of all, the on-site classes in which oral speaking holds a prominent place in the form of questions / answers between students and teachers as well as the lessons with a standard sentence to remember, facilitates the recording of basic grammatical structures. Then, it's followed by e-learning, which allows you to work at home with the lesson seen in class, especially with regard to pronunciation and listening (oral exercises and also the order of the characters, so I prepared (and succeeded!) the HSK 1 with Aurélie and Ge. They are kind to their students, encouraging and motivating them so I am now preparing the HSK 2." ---- Céline Lamblin, Teacher, HSK1 & HSK2 certificates holder

"大家好! Since one year, I have been studying with LingLongChinese HSK1 online and in class, then HSK2 online. I highly recommend LingLongChinese to learn Mandarin (with the characters) in a progressive and pleasant way. The team is very friendly, available and e-learning courses are well done, all is perfect !! 谢谢 LingLongChinese!" ---- Marie Deguine, HSK1 & HSK2 certificates holder

"LingLongChinois teachers are very involved in the success of their students in HSK tests, and at the same time very attentive and they adapt to the pace of each of them. We have been in private lessons for over 18 months, we worked with 3 different teachers, all French speaking, and we are delighted! " ---- Marie-Hélène and Alexandre Parilusyan, happy holders of HSK1 & HSK2 & HSK3 certificates

"I wanted to thank David, who was an excellent teacher for my son Paul, very pedagogue, very patient, and very kind, thanks to him, my son passed his HSK2 exam with very good grade." ---- Catherine Besse, mother of HSK2 & HSK3 certificates holder

"LingLong's Mandarin courses are very lively and interactive, allowing students to progress on a continuous basis and adapted to the HSK1 exam requirements. Visually learning is cleverly complemented by a solid e-learning program which allows to calmly resume, at home, the concepts seen in class. The e-learning module includes videos and tests to train for the exam. In short, with a regular attendance at courses and hard work in e-learning, I was able to get a score of 194/200 at HSK1 in 6 months, without knowing a word of Mandarin at the start! Xièxie LingLong! " ---- Daphné Jardin, Business Support Director at French Chamber of Commerce, HSK1 & HSK2 & HSK3 certificates holder

"An incredible method, combining classes in small groups to train you to speak and ask questions, to online courses, very didactic methodology.The short format of videos is very powerful and never boring associated with challenging exercises ... In short, a very good experience that allows us to gain confidence little by little ... " ---- Isabelle, HSK1 & HSK2 & HSK3 certificates holder

"I took the first-level training provided by Ling Long for 5 months and obtained the HSK1. The courses are progressive although dense, very structured and conducted with dynamism. The online support takes over the complete course and is a very complementary. I was able to learn more about the origin of the characters (and therefore to memorize their calligraphy more easily) as the stroke order of each character is indicated. This first-level course gives the opportunity to express oneself for simple and practical exchanges of everyday life. Thanks to LingLong and all my encouragement for the future ! " ---- Florence Regnier, Painter, HSK1 certificate holder

Ling Long is a very useful method where I am able to study Chinese in little time while learning how to write and speak in Chinese. Aurélie and Ge are two very good teachers that explain very well! ” ---- Georges German, Global BBA student of ESSEC Business School

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