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Learn Chinese with Ling Long - Happy Chinese New Year 春节快乐 !

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

春节 chūn jié, the spring festival is the real name of the Chinese New Year, which celebrates the beginning of spring. This is the most important holiday for all Chinese people in the world. This year the New Year falls on February 5, but preparations begin well before.

On this first day, Chinese people usually go to the father’s parents’ house. The kids don’t even need to say 红包拿来,hóng bāo ná lái, « Red envelop please! », to receive 压岁钱,yā suì qián, the money that will protect them during the whole year.

For the northern regions of China, dumplings are featured prominently in meals celebrating the festival. It often serves as the first meal of the year either at mid-night or as breakfast of the first day.

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